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A Simple Examination

Director: Meysam Saberi Fard, 2021, Iran, 13 minutes, Cast: Sanam Sarmad, Ali Farmani, Mehri Al-Agha, Anahita Mohammadi

Shabnam and Pedram are about to get married, But Pedram’s behavior causes Shabnam to be skeptical about marrying him.

Screening with: Domino + Flasher


A Simple Examination
Saturday, Sept. 18th, 06:15 PM

Meysam Saberi Fard

Meysam Saberi Fard was born in 1958 in Tehran. He studied industrial management at the university at the undergraduate level and entered the job market at the same time as studying computer science. In 2016, due to his personal interest in cinema, he enrolled in the Azad Film Institute under the direction of Masoud Kimiaei. He has participated in workshops and film classes at Bamdad International and Karnameh and Padma Art institutes.