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Director: Khashayar Tayyar, 2019, Iran, 5 minutes, Music Video, Cast: Elahe Mohamadian, Singer: Saideh Bozorgmanesh

The Persian goddess, Anahita, the divinity of the “water,” fertility, hilling and wisdom; in the Avesta wording: Aredvisurah Anahita, and in Pahlavi wording: Anahid; in the Chapter “Aban Yasht” in the holly Zoroastrian text “Avesta” is referred to with much admiration and respect.

Screening with: Shorts Program #1


Saturday, Sept. 28th, 11:00 AM

Khashayar Tayyar

Khashayar Tayyar was born in,1991 in Shiraz, Iran. He holds a Bachelor of Theater from Azad University of Shiraz. He received his master’s degree in Research of Art from Yazd University, and is getting his PhD degree in Religion and Mysticism from Science and Research University of Tehran.

As a director, he has made several short films including “Speck” which was shown at the Iranian Film Festival – San Francisco in 2015; “The last date” (2016), and a play called “Bada Be Hale Rous” (2014).