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Director:  Jafar Najafi, 2019, Iran, 30 minutes, Cast: Asho Alivar, Salima Balipour, Mousa Alivar, Yasna Alivar, Hamidreza Alivar, Golpari Alivar

Asho is a shepherd child who is interested in cinema and acting. He is busy with his herd and challenging with his, but at the same time with his passion for Hollywood cinema and acting, his life mixes with his dreams. Asho and a girl, who is supposed to marry from childhood) a tradition of their village), try to ignore their love for each other because of their childish pertinacity…

Screening with: Scenes from a Separation


Saturday, Sept. 19th, 09:15 PM

Jafar Najafi

Jafar Najafi was born in 1986, He is a student of cinema at Art University of Tehran. A photographer, researcher, and documentary filmmaker. He started his career as an assistant director and cameraman in some projects. So far, he has directed a short documentary for TV called “To the Color of Existence” (2018) and “Asho” (2019) is his second experience.