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Atmosphere Station

Director: Mehdi Jafari, 2017, Iran, 85 minutes, Cast: Mohsen Kiai, Roya Afshar, Anahita Afshar, Sogol Ghalatian, Zhaleh Sameti, Shahrokh Forotanian

The young couple Vahid and Marjan have divorced a few months ago but have not told anybody. Marjan dies in an accident and Vahid is blamed for it. Later, it is revealed Marjan has borrowed a lot of money from the neighbors. Vahid says he knows nothing about it, but the others suspect him and do not believe he didn’t know anything about his wife’s doings.

Screening with: The Camel Boy + Vesal (Union)


Atmosphere Station
Sunday, Sept. 23rd, 09:30 PM

Mehdi Jafari

Mehdi Jafari was born in Ahvaz, Iran in 1969 and began his artistic career as a photographer and cinematographer in 1985. He obtained his B.A from the Arts faculty at Tehran Art University in 1993 and has made numerous documentary and short films. He also started his work as a director of photography in 2005.


With Grandmother (short film) -1993-16 mm-18 min- fiction / Pilgrimage (short film) -1999-35 mm- 29 min- fiction / The Pond (short film) -2002-35 mm-80 min- fiction / The Stories -2004-DV cam-80 min- documentary / A Little Bit Higher (short film) – 2005-35 mm -12 min- fiction / The Window (short film) – 2006 – 35 mm – 19 min – fiction / The Paint & Painter – 2008 – 90 min – fiction- (TV movie) / Beluga – 2016 – 85 min – fiction (TV movie) / The Atmosphere Station – 2017 – 90 min (first feature film)