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Director: Behrooz Shoaibi, 2018, Iran, 91 minutes, Cast: Mahnaz Afshar, Sara Bahrami, Amin Hayaee, Negar Abedi, Shadi Karam-rodi, Hadi Hejazifar, Tofan Mehrdadian, Atiyeh Javid & Jamshid Hashempour

The story of an addicted woman Mahsa who thinks that her girl is dead but when finds out that she is alive and lives with her father (Mahsa’s ex-husband) she decides to take her back. This put her to face her ex-husband and his new wife.

Behrouz Shoeibi’s critically acclaimed feature tells the story of Mahsa, a woman struggling with addiction, who mistakenly believes that her daughter is dead. When she finds out that she is alive and lives with her father, Mahsa’s ex-husband, she decides to try to get her back. But she’ll have to go through her ex-husband and his new wife.

Mahsa, a woman struggling with addiction, thinks that her daughter is dead. When she discovers that her daughter is still alive and living with her ex-husband, she tries to get her back. However, she finds that she will first have to face both her ex and his new wife.

Screening with: Driving Lesson


Sunday, Sept. 29th, 07:30 PM

Behrooz Shoaibi

Behrooz Shoaibi was born in 1979 in Mashhad, Iran, Shoaibi has been involved in many projects as writer, assistant director and as an actor working with veteran directors such as Mehrjui and Hatamikia.

Axing is his third feature film. His previous films include The Corridor and Ciyanide. Shoaibi received Crystal Simorgh of Best Debut Feature at Fajr Film Festival for Corridor.