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Azar, 7 am

Director: Masoud Farjam, 2022, Iran, 83 minutes, Cast: Azarakhsh Farahani, Roshanak Gerami, Elaheh Afshari, Sam Hesami, Azadeh Sadiri, Arash Ramazani, Shaghayegh Farahani

On a rainy night, Ashkan sees Hanieh and Raha in a taxi, who is not feeling well. Raha leaves her mobile phone in the taxi by accident and tries to get it back. Ashkan invites Haniyeh to come to their house near Maryam, Ashkan’s fiancé. Maryam sees the girls in their house and starts questioning but the girls have a secret that involves all of them leading to a series of complicated events.

Screening with: Money Room


Azar, 7 am
Sunday, Sept. 18th, 01:00 PM

Masoud Farjam