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Behind the Glasses

Director: Mehdi Irvani, 2019, Iran, 3 minutes, Cast: Omid Bahmani, Amir Ali Khani, Mehdi Arab Imani, Alireza Qazvini, Amir Ali Rezaei, Irfan Nasirloo

A skyscraper windshield wiper worker encounters a strange occurrence on a dull workday and is dissatisfied with repetitive work every day until he meets…

Screening with: I Am Here


Behind the Glasses
Saturday, Sept. 18th, 10:15 PM

Mehdi Irvani

Mehdi Irvani was born in 1985. He studied filmmaking and editing by taking courses in 2007. After that, he started as a director of short films and then as an assistant editor. During this period, he collaborated with prominent editors of Iranian cinema, including Shirin Vahidi, Shahrzad Pouya, and Hossein Zandbaf, and then as an editor in many projects.

He worked in cinema and television, including the movie Perseus in Lajevardi directed by Mohammad Ali Najafi and the movie Lalaken directed by Mostafa Ghorbanpour (selected by Isfahan International Children’s Festival) and the movie Description of a Photo directed by Satiar Emami (selected by the World Film Festival of Truth).

Filmography: Truth (2007) / Remember those Days Well (2009) / Behind the Glasses (2019)