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Bread & Dementia

Director: Kaveh Azizi, 2019, Iran, 15 minutes, Cast: Niyoush Alipour, Nader Fallah, Sohibanoo Zolghdar, Peyman Moghadami, Georg Manokian, Nava Navarian

Freshteh, a nine-year-old girl, who plays with her friends free of sadness, forgets the responsibility of taking care of Agha (the old man), who suffers from dementia and loses him in the street. If Freshteh doesn’t find Agha, she and her family must leave Agha’s house.

Screening with: African Violet + Nail


Bread & Dementia
Saturday, Sept. 18th, 08:15 PM

Kaveh Azizi

Kaveh Azizi was born in 1988 in Lorestan, Iran. He is an Iranian editor and director; started in 2003. He has directed two short films and one feature film. He also works as a professional photographer.