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Breakdance in Iran

Director: Reza John Vedadi, 2022, United Kingdom, 49 minutes, Cast: Milad Ahmadi, Farzin Ansari, Vahid Ahmadi, Saeed Sharifi Nejad

When the name Iran is mentioned the last thing the viewer will expect is b-boys demonstrating their dance skills. This is the intimate and fun story of b-boy Commando, b-boy Farzin, b-boy Vahid LC and b-boy Grubby. Four young Iranian guys who make up the Rahaa breakdance group are based in Tehran, Iran. You will experience a side of Iranian culture that many have not witnessed and fall in love with the story of four funny and talented breakdancers. This is a funny, intimate, and feel-good documentary called “Breakdance in Iran”.

Screening with: Shorts Program #1


Breakdance in Iran
Saturday, Sept. 17th, 11:00 AM

Reza John Vedadi