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Dirty Job

Director: Khsoro Masoumi, 2018, Iran, 102 minutes, Cast: Pedram Sharifi, Elham Nami, Levon Haftvan, Reza Fayazi

Farhad, an unemployment law student who is busy with alcohol sales, decides to migrate to the United States. Farhad wins U.S. Green Card Lottery so he travels to Turkey with his wife, Elham and his son Navid, for the issued diversity visa. During the trip, Farhad is informed of a mass alcohol poisoning during a party where he had provided their alcohol consumption the last time, causing death of some people, and the hospitalization of others. The news leads to his mental confusion to have a sense of guilt. When Elham finds out about what happened, she decides to return to Iran.


Dirty Job
Sunday, Sept. 29th, 03:15 PM

Khsoro Masoumi

Khsoro Masoumi, born was in 1955 in Behshahr, Iran. He studied cinema and television at Dramatic Arts University. He began his career in 1978 with Free Cinema in Bandar Abbas. Later in the early 80’s he began directing short and feature films. Masoumi directed his debut feature in 1986 titled The Encounter. International Presence Leaden Times (1986): Pesaro, Karlovy Vary and Delhi Film Festivals Tradition of Killing Lovers (2004): Shanghai, Asia Pacific, Denver, UCLA, Moscow, Copenhagen and Delhi Film Festivals. Somewhere Far Away (2006): Cairo Film Festival. Wind Blows on the Meadow (2008): Pyongyang, Fajr, Byron Bay and Seattle Film Festivals. Bear (2012): Shanghai, Antalya, Asia Pacific, Trento and Oslo Film Festivals.

Filmography: 2018 Dirty Job, 2015 Taboo, 2012 The Bear, 2009 Wind Blows in the Meadow, 2006 Somewhere Far Away, 2004 Tradition of Lover Killing, 2000 Par-e parvaz, 1999 Delbakhte, 1997 The Nightly Journey, 1991 Aghay-e bakhshdar, 1988 Doran-e sorbi, 1986 The Encounter