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Directors: Majid khorasani & Ali Bayat, 2017, Iran, 8 minutes, Cast: Ali Barghi,Ali Mehraban

A fat man, holding a weapon in his hand, threats a thin man holding a piece of rope. They passed through the ruins of a war field. Under a tree the fat man forces the thin man to make a collar, but…

Screening with: Hunting Season + Turquoise


Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 05:15 PM

Majid Khorasani & Ali Bayat

Majid Khorasani was born in August 1983 in Malayer, Iran. He started his work in film schools in 2007 and has directed 7 short films and 2 documentaries.
Short films: The one who is not look like you (2006), A Corpse on the Bridge (2007), The Friend (2009), Living (2010), Ania (2013), Fall Down (2016), and documentaries: The Worrier (2010), He [The Man] (2010).

Ali Bayat was born on 1983 in Arak, Iran. He studied mechanical engineering then started to study cinema in Karnameh at Iranian Youth Filmmakers Institutes. He made two short films under the titles of “The Hole” and “The Downfall” in addition to participation as the producer and project director in another short film “The Signature.” He worked as the project director for the movie “The Seclusion” too. He is a member of the Iranian Cinema House.