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Director: Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan, 2016, Iran, 7 minutes, Animation

A sniper shoots children from above a war-torn city…

Screening with: The Tribute


Saturday, Sep 24th, 05.30 PM

Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan


Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan was born in 1984 in an artist Family. His father was a painter so Mohammad Reza began to create artworks from childhood. In his adolescence he won many awards in the field of visual arts. He was graduated in Graphics but by entering IRIB University he was interested in directing and continued studying in this field and was graduated in 2007. Furthermore, in a decade of filmmaking and creating artworks, he won more than 30 national & international awards as a “best story writer,” “best documentary director,” “best fiction director” & “best animation director” including the followings: Best film of the world of Islam from “Tehran International Short Film Festival” 2013 / Best Animation “9th Tehran International 100’ Film Festival” 2013 / Best Documentary “Iran 1404 Film Festival” 2011 / Best Fiction “the Great Prophet International Film Festival”2014 / Best Animation “the City International Film Festival” / Best Documentary for Economics “Ruiesh religion Film Festival”2011 / Best Film for promotion of ethics “Jame Jam TV Festival” 2011 / Best Fiction Film “42th Roshd Film Festival” 2012 / Best Short Screenplay “Basij Animation Film Festival” 2011 / Honorary trophy for the Idea of “Father” Animation “Tehran International Film Festival” 2013 / Honorary trophy for best religion film “Tehran Animation Film Festival” 2014 / Best Film “Ammar Popular Film Festival” 2010 / Best Video Clip “Ammar Popular Film Festival” 2013 / Best Fiction film “Mother Film Festival”