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Exit Toll

Director: Mohammad Najarian Dariani, 2017, France/Iran, 18 minutes, Cast: Babak Jamshidi, Niloufar Nedaee, Amin Najafi, Stewart Denison

While he works as a toll taker at the exit toll booth leading to the airport, he dreams of taking off.

Screening with: Ranger and Leopard + Karma + The Hunt + Too Close + The International


Exit Toll
Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 01:15 PM

Mohammad Najarian Dariani

Born in Tehran, Mohammad Najarian Dariani has a bachelor’s degree in editing from the Arts University of Tehran. He works as an editor since 2009 and collaborates with many young Iranian directors. In 2013, Mohammad wrote a short film with Samira Nourouznasseri, The Next Day. Exit Toll is his first film as a director.

Festivals & Awards:

Bucharest Short Film Festival, Romania (2017) [Special Jury Mention]
Tampere Film Festival, Finland (2018)
Flcikers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA (2018)
Cisterna Film Festival, Italy (2018)