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Far Off Land

Director: Yasmine Diba [in person], 2017, USA, 2 minutes, Experimental

This film is an experimental short all shot in Super 8. I have never set foot in what is my parents homeland, Iran. Throughout my life I have had glimpses in the window of their past through their cuisine, stories, and memories. This has always affected me, even if indirectly. I have been expressing my struggles with this through poetry since I was 7 years old. The hardship and heartbreak of the current state of the country is a constant topic at my family dinner table – but they still consider it home and nothing could make them any less then proud of calling Iran their homeland. Through this film I express some of my current thoughts about my personal relationship with the country through a poem I wrote with my mother, and pictures that reside with me.

Screening with: Valley of Stars + We Skate in Iran + What Ana Knew + Retouch 


Far Off Land
Saturday, Sep 23rd, 11.00 AM

Yasmine Diba

Yasmine Diba is a 21-year old who was born and raised in Malibu, California by two parents originally from Iran. Currently residing in San Francisco, she is attending the University of San Francisco studying Media and Film. Her biggest sources of inspiration have come from the different places she has visited. She was recently living in Paris, France where she spent her every weekend in a new place. This curiosity for travel, culture, and beauty and more narrowly flowers, the color red, and the ways in which children think is what has inspired her to create much of the films that she has. Her favorite medium to work with is film. Some of her favorite films include Two for the Road, Daisies, and The Color of Pomegranates.