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Director: Siroos Kaffash, 2019, Iran, 12 minutes, Cast: Khadijeh Darvishi

The story of the goddess is the guardian of the soil of the land of Hormuz. The story of the girls of that land who, despite all the hardships and sufferings, are not willing to sell the soil of Hormoz, which has medicinal and edible properties. Inspired by the mountains and beauties of the island of Hormuz and using plant colors, they create very beautiful shapes and thus make a living.

Screening with: Ocean Behind the Window


Saturday, Sept. 19th, 01:15 PM

Siroos Kaffash

Siroos Kaffash is a film director, lighting assistant, and assistant director. and television cameraman. He has also starred in films such as The Kobar, and television series “Fall” among others.

Filmography: Glass Garden (directed by Mehdi Mazloumi) as a lighting fixture / Kubar series (directed by Fereydoon Hassanpour) as director of photography / Autumn Cinema (Director of Photography) / Jashr Sarborun (Film Baradar) / M as Mother / I am a mother / Sheikh Baha’i (Simorgh Nest) / Wall / Women are Angels / Born Lock Posts / Shamsolemareh / Pahlavi Hat Passing through Sufferings