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Goli Jan

Director: Houchang Allahyari 2019, Austria/Iran, 93 minutes, Cast: Fatima Amiri, Nemat Amiri

Two juveniles are fleeing from Afghanistan to Iran. The girl is forced to marry an older man. To avoid attention the girl disguises as a boy. They fall in love during their journey and plan to move on to Europe. Goli-Jan is told out of the intimacy of the protagonists. It is about the power of affection, love, and commitment.

The love between Goli-Jan and Jamal was not intended. To Jamal conditions are unbearable and he can`t continue with his work anymore. Considering plans for escape he gets entrusted with the girl Goli-Jan, who rather wants to kill herself than to give consent to a forced marriage. The film is about the dangers of the flight and the sensations of love. The protagonists can`t stay in hotels, because they are not related and don`t have documents. To avoid standing out as a couple and to be able to work on a construction site in Teheran, Goli-Jan has to pretend to be a boy. In their permanent confrontation with a hostile world, they create new identities and act in a state of silent conspiracy. They are connected without touching each other.

Screening with: Pendulum


Goli Jan
Saturday, Sept. 19th, 05:15 PM

Houshang Allahyari

Houchang Allahyari was born in 1941 in Teheran, Iran. He went to Austria in his youth to develop in his fascination with film and theatre. Also interested in psychiatry, he began studies in medicine. He runs a doctor`s study in Vienna. But he is known as a film director.

After early experimental works, he made independent features (Borderline, Fleischwolf) and started collaborating with big Austrian production companies, which brought successful feature films (I Love Vienna, Höhenangst, Black Flamingos). Meanwhile, he is also the producer of his films (Bock for President, Der letzte Tanz, The Guest, Goli-Jan).

Filmography: 1985: Pasolini inszeniert seinen Tod • 1988: Borderline • 1990: Fleischwolf • 1991: I love Vienna • 1992: Der Tag, an dem sie Jack Unterweger fingen • 1992: Und morgen der Operball • 1994: Höhenangst • 1995: Tödliche Liebe • 1996: Tatort: Kolportage (TV-series, supporting role) • 1996: Tatort: Mein ist die Rache (TV-series, also Director and Writer) • 1997: Black Flamingos • 1999: Ene Mene Muh und tot bist du (TV) • 1999: Geboren in Absurdistan, Director and Writer with Tom-Dariusch Allahyari, Agnes Pluch • 2002: Rocco • 2007: Rumi – Poesie des Islam, with Tom-Dariusch Allahyari • 2009: Bock for President, with Tom-Dariusch Allahyari • 2010: Die verrückte Welt der Ute Bock • 2014: Der letzte Tanz • 2016: Rote Rüben in Teheran • 2017: Die Liebenden von Belutschistan • 2018: Der Gast • 2018: Ute Bock Superstar • 2019: Goli Jan