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Director: Taha Khanjani, 2019, Iran, 12 minutes, Cast: Mohammad Amin Mahmoudi, Danya Shirpour, Hanieh Morvati, Mohammad Hashemi, Mahdi Karimi Taj

This is a film about children and young people working to earn a living. When a young man feels emotional for a young girl, he does not know what the girl has planned for him.

Screening with: One Night in Tehran + Tehran + Pendant


Sunday, Sept. 19th, 09:15 PM

Taha Khanjani

Taha Khanjani is an Iranian writer, director, and actor. He was born in 1998 in Tehran. He has a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering. In 2016, he started his professional acting career and has acted in several professional theaters. He also participated in various professional filmmaking and acting workshops. He tries to examine the inner life of people and social issues through various art forms and the media.

Homeless is his first film.