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Hunting Season

Director: Daryush Yari, 2018, Iran, 88 minutes, Cast: Mahya Dehghani, Mehran Ahmadi, Hamed Komeili

Rana is about to go abroad to play in a concert, but she has to come back to her hometown to save her daughter, the place where she ran away from 16 years ago…

Screening with: Downfall + Turquoise


Hunting Season
Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 05:15 PM

Daryush Yari

Daryush Yari was born in 1973 in Tehran, Iran. Graduate of cinema university. Has made over 20 short and documentaries, including:  Where is house / Earthly versus / The Resort / Abjeneh / Maykhaneh-e-sabz / Night-Fire-Dialogue / Darakeh Mount of Tehran / Lull Lally / Karbala Landscape of History / The Central Fringe / Dakhil [feature film].

Hunting Season [2018] is his latest film.