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Iran Tour

Director: Benyamin Balouchi, 2019, Iran, 3 minutes, Documentary

Iran Tour travels around Iran and shows the nature and beautiful places in Iran.

Screening with: Shorts Program #1


Iran Tour
Saturday, Sept. 28th, 11:00 AM

Benyamin Balouchi

Benyamin Balouchi was born in 1989 in Iran. He is a graduate of Garmsar Azad University. He likes to show people the beauty of sacred nature in the shadow of world peace. He hopes for a day without any wars, and equality of rights between man and woman. He is a producer, director, cameraman and editor and is master of after effect, photoshop, 3dmax. He travels all over Iran to capture the beauty of Iranian nature.

Filmography: 1-Karka stone waterfall 2-Chaf wetland 3-Dige sara waterfall 4-Mirage Qian 5-Amir Kalayeh Wetland 6Abu Zaidabad 7-The waterfall of the grove 8-Nojian Waterfall 9-Lake Aladan 10-Village of Oranges 11-Ghost Lake 12-Arzefon Village 13-Lake Avon 14-Lake Chort 15-Nine rood Valley 16-Shirvan Valley 17-Lar Plain 18-Village of Philbend 19-Gohar Lake 20-Kepez 21-Top Castle Village 22-Olang Forest 23-Khibos 24-Lafor 25-Love Waterfall 26-Meshe Sui 27-Leopard Valley 28-Palangan 29-Woolly waterfall 30-Mirjan Dam 31-Sangde village 32-Shialim Waterfall 33-Shiraz Valley 34-Taleghan 35-Tirkan Waterfall 36-Bell Falls 37-Lake Steel 38-Garmsar 39-Lake Komela 40-Deryok 41-Oraman Takht 42-Mirage Gamsiab 43-Shahan Plains 44-Vertridge Village 45-Swab Suret 46-Farim area 47-Choret Lake 48-Danial cave 49-Damghan City 50-Firozkoh 51-Solyman Dam 52-Alborz Dam