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Diretor: Arshia Zeinali, 2018, Iran, 12 minutes, Cast: Arshia Zeinali

Karma is a short film about cycles. A story about a hunter, who comes out from the waving waters of the sea at the dawn and arrives to a strange and paradisal lagoon. This lagoon has an old watchtower. The hunter that thinks he has the right for hunting, puts some traps in forbidden areas. He finds some tools, maybe belongs to someone that once hunted in that place and now he’s gone. While the hunter was daydreaming, some creature attacks him and takes him back to the waters, to the cycle. The movie emphasizes the nature’s cycle and transformation of elements and four nature’s basic elements.

Screening with: Ranger and Leopard + The Hunt + Exit Toll + Too Close + The International


Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 01:15 PM

Arshia Zeinali

33 years old, holds a bachelor of directing and theater from Soore Art University of Tehran. Has directed 7 plays, played in 10 plays, directed 7 short films: Good, Bad, Ugly / A Beatiful Mind / Masquage / From Left to Right / Hypnotism / At First Sight / ln Perspective / Karma.