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Kiss [Booseh]

Director: Payam Ghorbani, 2019, Iran, 4 minutes, Music Video, Cast: Milad Bagheri [singer], Sahar Raadfar, Soroush Kariminejad

You are so rooted in my soul that my whole being was filled with you …
 It was you every time I saw myself in the mirror
 It was you every time I hugged myself
 Your hot kiss burned me,
It was you what was left of my ashes
Man always tries and spends a lifetime searching his lost soulmate…
 Sometimes he doesn’t find and sometimes he finds and gains…
 Unaware that there is nothing to find,
 It’s a man who gives meaning to perfection …
 Existence of its own kind, but thousands of times purer and more glorious … getting from immaturity to ashes …
 Now you can be in love with every single part of you
 Hug yourself and kiss…


Screening with: Highlight


Kiss (Booseh)
Sunday, Sept. 20th, 07:15 PM

Payam Ghorbani

Payam Ghorbani was born in Tehran, Iran. He is working as a freelance artist, doing in varied fields such as filmmaker, sculptor, concept designer, fashion designer.  He doesn’t consider himself just a sculptor, or just a designer, or just a filmmaker…but as a thinker who can use any medium to achieve whatever story he is trying to convey.

He started making films in 2009 and enjoying being able to take a script idea and visualizing it in a stylistic and clear manner, so the audience can understand the subject and enjoy the experience.  He likes to share his ideas with others through films. but believes, mixed media is one of the best ways to share his ideas with others. Some of his projects are advertising but the main body of his works is films and sculptures. He is trying to help people get a different sense.