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Director: Milad Mansouri, 2021, Iran, 76 minutes, Cast: Hossein Soleimani, Hossein Mehri, Deniz Motevaseli, Mahtab Servati, Chia Babamiri, Ali Ferasati, Artin Amjadi, Payam Ahmadinia, Ali Ansarian

The story of workers who cross a difficult road and mountain with heavy loads to make a living and risk their lives. These loads that are illegal, lead to a conflict between a group of young people, the head of the smugglers and police.

Screening with: The Dagger + Verdant Whispers


Saturday, Sept. 18th, 04:15 PM

Milad Mansouri

Milad Mansouri was born in 1990.  He graduated in cinema from the University of Arts Filmmaking Associate and started his activity in 2017. He has made Mr. Cleaner (2015) and Exit (2018) before he made his first feature film Kulbarf (2021).