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My Iran

Director: Reza Majlesi, 2020, Iran, 6 minutes, Singer: Mohammad Noori, Music Video

This music video is about Iranian customs and their national alliance. It represents the spirit of happiness in marriage which is one of the basic principles of any society.

Screening with: Shorts Program #2


My Iran
Sunday, Sept. 18th, 11:00 AM

Reza Majlesi

Reza Majlesi was born in1967 in Rasht, Iran. He started filmmaking with super 8 mm in 1993. and then made his first professional film for television in 1996 with a documentary called “Bibitab.” Most of his films are related to anthropology and local issues. His films have received 35 awards from international film festivals. He is a member of the Society of Iranian Documentary Filmmakers since 1999. He makes documentary and fiction films.

Fascioliasis doc 12 min – 2022 / Gold rivers doc 2021 – 52 min / Kati and Setareh fiction movie – 84 min -2017 / Meet Documentary- full HD-30 min-2017 / Where do we go? Documentary – full HD-17 min -2016 / Konya Travel – Documentary – full HD -34min 2014 / Folkloric Marriages (collection documentary-13 section) – 2011-Iranian documentary channel – HDV / Another kind of looking – documentary -D v cam -11min / This word is water… (In sokhan abi ast…) Documentary – DV cam – 26 min- 2005 / The Circling Wheel (The Firmament) 2003 Documentary- DV cam – color- 26min / And there is no end to my story – 2001 Fiction – 35mm- 30 min / Father, Mother, why? Documentary, Betacam,2000 / Unknown Whispers – 1999 Documentary – 16mm-color -24min