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Now You See Me

Director: Kaye Tuckerman, 2022, Australia, 8 minutes, Cast: Pooya Mohseni

A powerful story about the trauma and ultimate triumph of being a transgender female. “I didn’t use to be real. I was here, in the physical realm but no one could see me. My own Father had to squint his eyes when he looked at me and he would ask ‘Who are you over there? Don’t you know how to be a boy?” Allie, the transgender, identifying as female, goes home to try and reach out to her family. Instead, she comes away with a stronger new relationship, with a dress.

Screening with: Shorts Program #2


Now You See Me
Sunday, Sept. 18th, 11:00 AM

Kaye Tuckerman

Kaye Tuckerman is based in New York City and continues to work throughout the USA, Canada, London, Europe, and Australia. She has directed multiple theatre productions throughout Australia and Asia, and most recently has directed the short films: ‘Fragile’, ‘Black Canvas’, ‘Permission’, ‘Still Here’, and ‘Trumped’. Kaye is a graduate of Australia’s two most prestigious arts institutions: WAAPA – Bachelor of Arts Music Theatre and NIDA – Post Graduate Diploma Directing.