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OFFBOY – Sharji O Garma (Sultry & Hot)

Director: Mehrshad Chakameh, 2016, Iran, 3 minutes, Music Video, Cast: Offboy, ArashH Navvabi, Naeem Askari

SHARJI O GARMA (Sultry & Hot) is a Persian Music which gives incentive to coastal and southern people to have a happy and good life.

Screening with: Haj Ali’s Son + The Fountain Pen + Picasso + Border Pass 


OFFBOY - Sharji O Garma (Sultry & Hot)
Sunday, Sep 24, 11.00 AM

Mehrshad Chakameh

Mehrshad Chakameh, director & VFX artist, was born in 1990 in Shiraz, Iran. He makes music video, commercials, and documentary films.