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Orange Man Dreams

Director: Shireen Jahani, 2018, Iraq/Iran, 5 minutes, Cast: Ali Akbari, Delnia kamousi, Arina Issa, Mojtaba Shaebas

A reality film, based on true events when ISIS invaded civilians and beheaded them in Iraq and Syria. It shows the dreams of a man who is imprisoned by ISIS and started to dream about his wife and children.  It was filmed in Erbil and Sulemanya, in Kurdistan, Iraq.

Screening with: Shorts Program


Orange Man Dreams
Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 11:00 AM

Shireen Jahani

PA film school graduate, Shirin Jahani is a writer and director of numerous television documentaries and episodic programs, as well as three short films for which she has received numerous awards, and a feature film. She is the first woman filmmaker in Kurdistan. Her film debut, “Stars of my Homeland” won the first-place award at Calabria film festival in Italy and best film award at Alexanderia Film Festival in Egypt. Jahani is also a poet. Her first poetry volume is entitled “Dance on Fire.” She has also served on numerous juries for film festivals in Kurdistan and in London.