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Director: Mostafa Davtalab, 2020, Iran, 14 minutes, Cast: Reza Amoozad, Roya Hoseini, Mohammad Nariman

A couple, a young woman, and a mentally ill man takes a cab to a Psychiatric hospital. As serious conflicts about betrayal break out between the two, the driver becomes so heated up. They arrive at the mental health hospital just to find out everything is the other way around.

Screening with: Shorts Program #2


Sunday, Sept. 19th, 12:00 PM

Mostafa Davtalab

Born in 1991 in Iran, Mostafa Davtalab is a scriptwriter, film editor, and short film director. He holds an MA in film. He is also an alumnus of the Iranian Young Cinema Society where he was trained as a professional filmmaker.

He has made a couple of non-professional short films which were praised nationally. He has also worked as a cinematographer, and a film editor, and a scriptwriter in a couple of short films. He made his first professional short film Psycho in 2020.