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Pygmalion Infection

Director: Arash Eskandari Fard, 2021, Bulgaria, 5 minutes, Animation

The animated dance drama Pygmalion Infection corresponds to the latest trends in contemporary dance, and animation that explores human behavior in its interaction with robot dolls, Internet addiction known as “digital heroin,” and violence against women. The plot is built as a fantastic love drama between the main character Pygmalion and an android doll. One of the most all-consuming problems of our world, namely loneliness, is being studied.

Screening with: Shorts Program #2


Pygmalion Infection
Sunday, Sept. 19th, 12:00 PM

Arash Eskandari Fard

Arash Eskandari Fard received his master’s degree in health management and doctoral from Medical University in Sofia in 2000 and 2010. He is also studying for his master’s degree in “Film and Television Art” specializing in “Film and Television Directing” at the New Bulgarian University. He has been a producer and second director of documentaries and feature films with awards and broadcasts at over a hundred festivals in the United States, Britain, Italy, Ukraine, India, Iran, China, the Kingdom of Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and others.

Filmography & Awards:
2014: The special award for the documentary Bessarabian Dreams
2015: Thracian Rhyton Award for One Day in the Fire Brigade / Gold Medal and Diploma from the International Academy of Arts, Paris
2016: St. George the Victorious for Mother I Am
2017: Grand Prix for the Controlled Breaths of Air
2018: Grand Prix for Dirty Dream
2019: Honorary diploma for Mother I Am (Iran) / First prize for Controlled Breaths of Air (Golden Chicken Ukraine) / The grand prize for Controlled Breaths of Air (Universal Film Festival in the USA)
2020: European Director Award for Mother I Am (Jharkhand International Film Festival & Awards-India) / Screenplay Award for Controlled Breaths of Air (Jharkhand International Film Festival & Awards-India)
2021: First prize for Controlled Breaths of Air (Hollywood Film Festival-Las Vegas, USA)