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Searching for Abbas Kiarostami

Searching for Abbas Kiarestami

Director: Mohammad & Ahmad Malas, 2015, Syria, 12 minutes

A Syrian man carries a large photo of the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami and wanders in the streets of Paris to ask the passers-by the address of him. He wants him to talk about the Syrian revolution to his government. He heads to the Iranian embassy, subways and coffee shops but gets no answer.

Festivals: 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Screening with: Shorts Program


Searching for Abbas Kiarostami
Sunday, Sep 27th, 11.00 AM

Mohammad & Ahmad Malas

Mohammad & Ahmad Malas

Syrian/French filmmakers, Mohammad & Ahmad Malas were born in 1983. Studied acting at Ornina Institute, in Syria. Played on television and in theater before making their own films. Searching for Abbas Kiarostami is their latest film.

Filmography: Ana whali lahali / Me and Myself / Happy New Shame / Revolution Happens Tomorrow