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Seven Empty Frames

Director: Ali Ghyasi, 2018, Iran, 7 minutes, Cast: Mohsen Mosavi, Velayat Khobdel

Time and time between directions.

Screening with: Shorts Program #1


Seven Empty Frames
Sunday, Sept. 29th, 11:00 AM

Ali Ghyasi

Ali Ghyasi is a member of Iranian Young Cinema Association / UNIMA World member as the festival secretary / The behind-the-scenes filmmaker of three serials / Assistant Planner of Farzad Motman for Closed Eye and Ear movies / Making short films (Youssef Leyla) (Wall) (Crossing) / Director of Audio Shuttle Proverbs Audio Presentation ۸ * Telephone System / Writing and researching adaptation books for film schools (in print) / Author and Director of Cookie and Mukki Dolls (Subject of Shengul & Mangol Adventure) / Assistant Director of Cinema City of Qassa. Director of Keivan Ali Mohammadi Year 2 / Founder of Negan Institute & Art Group.