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Director: Mir-Kian Roshannia, 2020, Iran, 6 minutes, Experimental

A short documentary about city of Tehran.

Screening with: One Night in Tehran + Homeless + Pendant


Sunday, Sept. 20th, 09:15 PM

Mir-Kian Roshannia

Mir-Kian Roshannia was born in Tehran, live in Tehran and Toronto. He has been interested in making films since 2007, studied at “Tehran Fine Art University” Faculty of Cinematography as a freelance student. He is interested to express his feeling by making conceptual and documentary short films.


Tehran 5min57sec 2020 -I’m Image 9min25sec 2018 -Cut 29sec 2018 -Vertigo 59sec 2018 -Election2 3min35 sec 2018 – Bazaar (Video Art) 1min11sec 2018 -In Gallery (Video Art) 57sec 2018 -Contrast 1min 2017 -Life (For Kiarostami Memories) 26min 2017 -Box 1min36 sec 2017 -Infinity 3min49sec 2016 -Father 12min31sec 2016 -People, Views 6min3sec 2016 -A Gallery As Large As a City 6min27sec 2015 -Night of Bazaar (1) 2min50sec 2015 -Night of Bazaar (2) 10min42sec 2015 -Graffiti 3min50sec 2015 – Steps 1min3sec 2014 – Sleep (Dream) 6min43sec 2011.