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Director: Katayoun Afrooz, Iran, 3 minutes, Cast: Nirvana Kasravi, Experimental

Terra or mother earth is a Goddess of the earth. The original earth Goddess in ancient time. The personification of nature that focuses on the giving and nurturing.

Screening with: Shorts Program #2


Sunday, Sept. 18th, 11:00 AM

Katayoun Afrooz

Katayoun Afrooz is an Iranian visual artist and filmmaker, Katayoun undertook her formal education and training in film and visual arts in the United States. She holds a MFA in filmmaking and visual arts from Columbia college. Furthermore, she studied filmmaking and video art under critically-acclaimed Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami. She also studied western philosophy at a private school in Tehran.

Spending half of her life in the east and half in the west, Katayoun main concern is women identity & sexuality, human experience and above all the notion of one ‘s self. which she is exploring through moving images.

As a filmmaker she is more interested in experiment rather than traditional ways of storytelling.