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The Beekeeper

Director: Mohammad Talebi, 2017, Iran 14 minutes, Cast: Hossein Abdi, Saeedreza Maqsudi, Sakineh Khanum Heidari

This is the story of a beekeeper and his son and their memories in the mountains…

Screening with: Dogs and Fools + The Sea Swells


The Beekeeper
Sunday, Sept. 23rd, 03:15 PM

Mohammad Talebi

Mohammad Talebi, a television producer and director, was born in Sarband, Shazand, Iran. He holds a bachelor degree in Dramatic Literature and an M.A in TV Production.

Filmography:  Land’s Waiting- Documentary / 1765- Animation / Mother Language- Documentary / Kia Khosro bound-Documentary / Wooden Ice cream Sticky- Documentary.