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The Buffalo


Director: Kaveh Sajjadi Hoseini, 2015, Iran, 90 minutes, Cast: Parviz Parastooei, Soheila Golestani, Hooman Seyedi, Pantea Panahiha

A couple, Shokufeh and Iman who plan to flee Iran travel to the port city of Anzali to meet a man who is to smuggle them across the border. They await him by the side of a lagoon. They accidentally drop their bag of money and jewelry into the lagoon. Iman tries to jump in and find the bag but drowns in the process. A diver called Bahram the Buffalo is assigned to find Iman’s body in the lagoon and a relationship begins to develop between him and Shokufeh…

Screening with: White Lake


The Buffalo
Sunday, Sep 25th, 05.30 PM

Kaveh Sajjadi Hoseini

Kaveh Sajjadi Hoseini

Kaveh Sajjadi Hoseini holds a bachelor’s degree in theater and a master’s in film directing. He has made twelve short fiction films, eight features for television and two cinematic features.

Filmography: Night Outdoor 2013, The Buffalo 2015.