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The Fountain Pen

Director: Armin Keshvaripour, 2016, Iran, 10 minutes, Cast: Saeede Roudbaraki

This is a story of a girl who has a few hours left to buy the crucial drugs necessary for her beloved father.

Screening with: Haj Ali’s Son + Picasso+ Border Pass + OFFBOY


The Fountain Pen
Sunday, Sep 24, 11.00 AM

Armin Keshvaripour

Armin Keshvaripour was born in 1989 in Tehran. He graduated from Sooreh University majoring in film direction. He then began his movie activity as of 2009 with the production of several short films entitled Mirror Truth, Shadow of Poisoned Mind, Melancholia, Emancipation in the Fence, and his latest film The Fountain Pen.