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The Horse

Director: Benyamin Bahadoran, 2019, Iran, 5 minutes, Cast: Ehsan Yousefinasab, Mohammad Asadi, Arefeh Kia, Bozorgmehr Jomehri, Hesam Kheikh

A man who lives as a horse, works for a couple of rich people in the middle of desserts.

Screening with: Shorts Program #1


The Horse
Saturday, Sept. 28th, 11:00 AM

Benyamin Bahadoran

Benyamin Bahadoran is an Iranian film and theater director. He has a bachelor’s degree from Art University of Tehran. Benyamin engaged his aesthetical ideas with radical themes like social and political situation of modern/capitalism human being especially in a country like Iran with a strong surrealistic/Kafkaism point of view.

Born in 1993. He was the cameraman of documentary film “In the Absence of that, the Glorious Love” directed by Anoush Masoudi in 2015. First assistant director of short film “We are All Rejected” directed by Anoush Masoudi. Theater director of “Night Letters” [2015] written by Kianoosh Akhbari.

First assistant director of short film “B.RT” [2016] written and directed by Mohammad Asadi. First theater assistant director of “Yankee Girl” [2016] written by Neil Simon, directed by Bahram Tashakor. First theater assistant director of “Marx & Coca Cola” [2017] written by Nils Schou, directed by Kianoosh Akhbari. The Horse [2019] is his latest film.