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The Hunt

Director: Masoud Kazerouni, 2018, Iran, 13 minutes, Cast: Mojtaba Eivazi, Rahman Faliuni, Navid Gharibzadeh

Two fishermen trying to survive in the middle of the sea after a robbery…

Screening with: Ranger and Leopard + Karma + Exit Toll + Too Close + The International


The Hunt
Saturday, Sept. 22nd, 01:15 PM

Masoud Kazerouni

Masoud Kazerouni was born in 1982 in Bushehr, Iran. He started his activities in 2008 with making short films but gradually became interested in cinematography, lighting and painting and decided to continue this professionally. During this time, he shot some short and documentary films for others which were accepted to several film festivals around the world and won some awards.

When the digital revolution took place, the number of photographers increased but the work for those in the field reduced. So he decided to make his own films by writing and directing them as well. The Hunt [2018] is the result of that decision.