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The Pains of the Sea

Director: Mohammad Reza Masoudi, Iran, 2018, 8 minutes, Cast: Sepidar Tari, Parvaneh Moghadam, Habib Ka’abi

Syrian and Iraqi immigrants are trying to cross the sea to reach Turkey. A mother must choose between the life of her child and her own life in the sea…

Screening with: Shorts Program #1


The Pains of the Sea
Saturday, Sept. 28th, 11:00 AM

Mohammad Reza Masoudi

Mohammad Reza Masoudi was born in 1984 in Chaloos, Iran. He is one of the active assistant directors of Iranian masters. In his first fiction short film, he shows the pain of immigration through the metaphoric and poetic.

Filmography as an assistant director: Niloofar (2007) – Sabine El Gemayel / Baby and Angel (2008)- Masoud Naghashzadeh / The Maritime Silk Road (2008) – M. Bozorgnia / Hussein Who Said NO (2010) – Ahmad Reza Darvish / What’s The Time In Your World? (2013) – Safi Yazdanian / Inversion (2014) – Behnam Behzadi / Doughter (2014) – Reza Mirkarimi / 21 Days Later (2015)- M.R.KHeradmandan) / Only Men GO TO THE GRAVE (2016) – Abdullaa Alaabi / SEMBRA MIO FIGLIO (2017) – Costanza Quatriglio / 87 METR (2018)- Kianoosh Ayyari.