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The Sixth String

Director: Bahram Azimi, 2018, Iran, 14 minutes, Animation

About 90 years ago, a musician wanted to compose his music based on a new sound. He discovered the sixth string.

Screening with: Song of God + Hidden Drummers of Iran


The Sixth String
Saturday, Sept. 28th, 01:00 PM

Bahram Azimi

Bahram Azimi was born in 1967 in Tehran/Iran. He holds a B.A in Handcraft Arts and an M.A in Animation fromTehran University of Art. Cartoonist and animation director, creator of animation characters, scriptwriter and director of more than 800 cultural and commercial animations.

He also served as a juryman in more than 150 national and international cartoon, caricature, animation and film festivals. Currently, he teaches animation and cartoon in Iranian House of Caricature and art universities. He is awinner of more than 60 prizes in Iran and 40 International Prizes in graphics, painting, animation, and cartoon contests.