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The World’s Last House

Director: Amir Gholami, 2019, Iran, 16 minutes, Cast: Fereydoon Ansari, Mohammad Rauf Mohammad

An old man, answering people’s letters and solving their problems at a far-off cottage for a long time, is facing the weirdest challenge of his life; an intrusive guest with three bullets in his gun…

Screening with: Labyrinth


Sunday, Sept. 20th, 05:30 PM

Amir Gholami

Amir Gholami was born in 1984 in Iran. He holds an MA in film, teaches in the university, and is also a film critic. He has made several shorts and documentary films and has been a jury at several short film festivals in Iran.


The Sea Swells (2018), Short Film
Building No 13 (2016), Short Film
Pir Mohammad (2012), Short Documentary