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Two Cities: A Conversation

Director: Shaghayegh Haghdoust, 2021, Canada, 7 minutes

This documentary is geared towards a flaneur experience of two towns: Kamloops (Canada) and Mashhad (Iran). This documentary will be observational, poetic, and experimental that covers subjects such as landscapes, architecture, urban space, city life, food, local art. It’s a collection of moving images with ambient sound and music with juxtaposition of day vs. night, private vs. public, indoor vs. outdoors and, human-made vs nature.

Screening with: Singo + The Untouchable


Two Cities: A Conversation
Sunday, Sept. 18th, 05:00 PM

Shaghayegh Haghdoust

Shaghayegh Haghdoust is an Iranian filmmaker, artist and educator based in Toronto, ON. As a new immigrant to Canada, she questions the true meaning of the word “home” and its connection to immigrant stories and experience. As a continuous traveler, she seeks to deepen her understanding of global and social issues related to the environment, culture, and identity.