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Vesal (Union) – Leyva Band

Director: Amin Mohammadi, 2018, 6 minutes, Music Video, Cast: Majid Pakdel, Mona Daghighi, Mahshid Omrani

The story of a traditional wedding ceremony in the city of Bushehr, in south of Iran.

Screening with: Atmosphere Station + The Camel Boy


Sunday, Sept. 23rd, 09:30 PM

Amin Mohammadi

Amin Mohammadi was born in 1987 in Bushehr, south of Iran. He started photography as a hobby since 2002. In 2005 he started to learn editing and cinematography, and since then he has been editing short films and music videos.  He has chosen photography and editing as a profession since 2011.

Vesal (Union) Leyva Band [2018] is his latest music video.