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Director: Fatemeh Askarpour, 2021, Iran, 2 minutes, Animation

Humans who drown in social networks, feed on each other’s ruminants, but they never experience satiety.

Director Statement:
As a member of social networks, I see inappropriate, profiteering, and extreme patterns of life tools. To represent the horrible world created by our misbehavior, I found the medium of animation suitable for fantasy-surrealistic imagery. Our conflict and dependence on social networks have reached such a level that some people seek all the needs of their lives in this world and introduce themselves to the world only through this window and lose their connection with reality. This issue has created horrible and disgusting images in my mind and through this animation I am trying to share these images and I hope that through this animation we will take a small step to get closer to the real and natural world again.

Screening with: Shorts Program #2


Sunday, Sept. 18th, 11:00 AM

Fatemeh Askarpour

Fatemeh (Elnaz) Askarpour is an Iranian Animator and director. She was born in 1990, in Mazandaran. 2014- BA in Art (Painting), University of Marlik Nowshahr. 2016- MA in Visual Graphics, University of Marlik Nowshahr. She holds diplomas in “Story Telling & Creative Show”, in workshop of “Understanding Children’s Art”, “Story Telling”, “Ideas & Art Teaching”. She participated in many paint exhibitions. She Worked in many film projects as an actress, story board designer and Poster designer. Painting, Animating and work with children, led her to her main interests: Animation Filmmaking. “Woodpecker” is her first Animation Short Film. In her works, Fatemeh tries to show the inner life of the people, the social and personal issues of women and children. The reason for using the medium of animation in her works is its dependence on the imagination and the world of childhood and that through animation it is possible to communicate with a wider range of audiences.