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I Am a Tree

Director: Omid Seifi, 2019, Iran, 2 minutes, Cast: Ali Saemin, Masoud Erfani

This animation is about the environment and conservation of trees… Inside the class kids are playing. A boy an idea came to his mind and goes to the blackboard and began to draw a tree. Another boy is angry with this move and goes to the blackboard and erases his friend’s painting. The boy again draws the tree This time also the bully boy erases the painting. Another boy is angry with this move goes to the blackboard and draws a tree and the bully boy erases his painting too.  Meanwhile, other kids go to the blackboard and start painting the tree. The bully boy begins to cough. When he is sad, he sees chalk on the ground, he also draws a tree, and eventually, all the children are happy.

Screening with: Shorts Program #2


I Am a Tree
Sunday, Sept. 20th, 11:00 AM

Omid Seifi

Omid Seifi is a graphic design graduate from Azad University, He has been working in the field of animation for almost 12 years and to date, he has produced many animated series that have been purchased and broadcast on Iranian TV networks.