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The Feast of the Goat

Director: Saeed Zamanian, 2019, Iran, 12 minutes, Cast: Toomaj Danesh Behzadi, Yazdan Kokabi Saba, Sepideh Dastineh

Saeid goes to a bicycle shop with his father to buy a bicycle. He finds out that his goat has been deceived. He runs home but the butcher has already cut the goat’s head when he arrives at home. At night he gathers the pieces of the goat meat and its head and buries them in their garden. In his room, he remembers his memories with the goat, and suddenly at 1 am he hears the sound of the goat bell and sees his goat safe in the middle of the house. He wakes up and decides to repeat whatever he has done in his dream to keep his goat alive.

Screening with: Women According to Men + Grandma & Cinema


The Feast of the Goat
Saturday, Sept. 19th, 01:00 PM

Saied Zamanian

Saied Zamanian was born in 1985 in Tehran. He holds a BA in Dramatic Literature from Azad University and also MS in directorship from the Faculty of the Fine Arts University of Tehran. He has written, produced, and directed some plays and short films as well as documentaries. The short film, Whale Hunter has screened in several festivals such as The Unprecedented Cinema in Estonia, A. Rebel Minded in the USA, independent shorts award in the US, and the Lift-Off Film Festival in the UK. Also, the screenplay of his recent short film,

The Feat of The Goat has been invited to various festivals such as the Independent Shorts Awards in the USA (winner of best short film screenplay), Independent Talents International Film Festival in the USA (winner of best short film screenplay), Rome Independent Prisma Awards in Italy (Rome Independent Prisma Awards), Changing Face International in Australia (finalist), Sunday Shorts Film Festival in the UK (semifinalist) and Indie Visions Film Festival in the USA (semifinalist).